Cum celebrate the Holidays & LDW’s 16th Year Anniversary with Us!


Starting on December 14th, we will be celebrating 12 Days of Decadence with a 2-hour block of time each day during which you can call in and get a FREE 10-minute call!

And of course you can put those 10 minutes toward a longer call, if you wish! 🙂


Below is our schedule as we Rock around the Cock….Uhhhh I mean Clock:

December 14th: 12am-2am                                                                                                                                               December 15th: 2am-4am
December 16th: 4am-6am
December 17th: 6am-8am
December 18th: 8am-10am
December 19th: 10am-12pm
December 20th: 12pm-2pm
December 21st: 2pm-4pm
December 22nd: 4pm-6pm
December 23rd: 6pm-8pm
December 24th: 8pm-10pm
December 25th: 10pm-12am


**All hours above are listed in Eastern Standard Time**

**You can call once each day during the designated hours**

**You may use your 10 free minutes toward a longer call**

**This offer is available to all previous callers of LDW, regardless of how recently you’ve called us.**


If you have any questions about the promotion feel free to email us at or visit


Thank you for joining us in this celebration of YOU and US!


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO