What is that beautiful “little p” you wonder??  I am guessing that many of you likely know exactly where I am going with this…*wink*  And if for some reason you don’t…I will tell you!


So, when it comes to strap-on play or ANY anal play for that matter involving the male body, there is one beautiful yet tiny little part of you that makes everything go WOW!!!!  Having it caressed, pushed, pounded or played with in any manner simply intensifies EVERYTHING!!!!


Yes, that’s right, I am talking about your prostate!


And if you’re a man and don’t know about your prostate and ALL the joy and honestly intense pleasure that it can bring, well I have to say…you are most assuredly missing out!!!


And it doesn’t happen too often, but I am still surprised when I find a man who either has no idea about the unbelievable pleasure his prostate can bring him OR he has tried anal play in some way and doesn’t care for it.  For the men who fall into this latter category,  I am thinking that perhaps your exploration ended too abruptly?!  I would strongly advise going back to the drawing board and trying things out again!  🙂


Now obviously I don’t have a prostate BUT there is one more thing that I will share with you… seeing the pleasure on your face is an incredibly wonderful and intense experience for me!  We start with one p that is solely yours (prostate) and we end with another p that we mutually share (pleasure)!!! 🙂