Yes I DO love toys!!!  Probably most toys, in fact.  However…when it comes to pure pleasure…there is nothing like a lovely plug, vibrator, or dildo up your ass!  Am I right?!?  🙂


And for those of you who have been reading right along, you may recall My post on August 31st when I shared My very most favorite toy.  🙂  If not, go back and check it out!


Well, honestly I do realize that there are a few of you out there who have not quite yet discovered JUST how unbelievably amazing something inside of your ass truly is.  But, take it from Me and the millions of anal enthusiasts out there…OMG there is nothing quite like it when it cums to enhancing one’s pleasure!


And for you guys out there, if you have not yet discovered the power and the pleasure of one lil walnut shaped piece of your anatomy (your prostate) you are SOOOOOOO missing out!!!


And the wonderful thing is… there is something out there for everyone.  Well, honestly I think there are a LOT of things out there for everyone, lol.


But, the notion that your plug,  your vibrator, your dildo could be pink, red, black, blue, purple, green, white,  or flesh colored, is pretty damn cool.  At least it is in My opinion.  Heck, you could use a different color toy for each day of the week…your sexy lil designer toy. *wink*


And… your wonderful amazing toy might be plastic, or rubber, or silicone, or glass, or some other material that I may have never even heard of before, LOL


And your lovely toy may be 3 1/2″, 5″, 6″, 7″, 9″, or HOLY CRAP, it’s 12″ because you are a complete and total lil ass whore!!!


But, and here is a BIG butt lol,  I don’t want you to feel bad if your toy is not 12″.  Just because you don’t have a mammoth toy, you can STILL be a total lil ass whore in My book! *wink*


So, tell Me, do you love your anal toy(s)???

Are YOU a lil ass whore?!?!

Maybe you are an ass whore wanna be???

Either way, I love it!

Let’s explore this part of you…DEEPLY!!!