It is pretty amazing the wonderfulness that oozes out of people on a day such as today…so much love, so much kindness, so much sweetness, so much adoration!  I love it…I love everything about it!!!

But, wouldn’t it be nice if every day was Valentine’s Day?!?  Or at least people treated each other with this same sweetness and thoughtfulness and kindness that they do on this very special day of love???  I for one think that it would be lovely and just exactly what this amazing world needs more of!!!

And I feel incredibly wonderful and special to have received so many lovely Valentine’s wishes.  Here are just a few of the sweet sentiments:

“Happy Valentine’s Day goddess…May your day be awesome. Sure wish i could take a deep breath with my nose between your awesome thighs. And right after that give your man john a nice bj.”

“Warmest, most loving wishes to the amazing, beautiful, wonderful Mistress Mandy, who is always making my life a better place. You are truly special, and you have rocked my world.”

“Happy Valentines Day Mistress Mandy you are very special to me”

“I want to wish a Happy Valentines Day to my favorite She Devil Humiliatrix.  I hope you have a wonderful day and some real time slut entertains and pampers you in every way you deserve.  If he does not treat you the way a Goddess deserves to be treated just remind him there are thousands and thousands of guys that would trade places with him in a minutes notice.  I hope you enjoy some serious ass worship today. because if I were there I would spend my time today just kissing your ass, with long wet tongue strokes.”



PS.  It is not too late to book your appointment with me!  There are still 2 weeks left of February.  Ten (10) FREE minutes could be yours…that price is ALWAYS right!! 🙂