And hopefully realize (by reading my last post) that I just can’t be here nearly as much as I would like to be at this moment…here is what I would suggest if you’d like to speak with me!


(1) Check the site(s) often to see if I am available…my former (usual) schedule has completely gone out the window and honestly I could be working at any time on any given day!


(2) If you see me I would HIGHLY suggest that you simply pick up the phone and call me right away.  Don’t delay by sending me an email or anything else as you might miss that small window of opportunity!  My schedule is so erratic and so unpredictable at this moment that I may only have an hour or two and then I am gone!


(3) Feel free to check with dispatch about my availability in the moment and/or to schedule a call with me.  They will always do their utmost to reach me AND I will always do my best to inform them.


(4) Last but not least, email me directly to ask about my availability and/or to schedule an appointment with me.  I LOVE making appointments (as many of you already know) and right now this may not only be the best way to get me, but it might be the ONLY way to ensure our time together.


But, the bottom line is…just because my availability is limited doesn’t mean that I don’t want to talk with you! If you email me or contact dispatch and I can’t speak with you, please do not take it personally! You are always welcome to reach out to me even if in the moment I am unable to respond.


I am hopeful that I will be able to return to my normal schedule soon. But in the meantime, I want you to know that I appreciate your patience and understanding!!! And I also want you to know that I miss having the freedom to speak with all of you!!! 🙂