What do you do??  Can things still feel romantic and special?


On Valentines Day we often celebrate the overt, the bright, the loud, even the ostentatious aspects of togetherness, intimacy, and love.


Now that the roses and candy are gone…the champagne has been drunk, it might be a time to turn to the simpler, subtler, softer moments.


Cuddling can be as wonderful as making love.  It’s just different.  And if you can celebrate and fully enjoy both, I believe that you have a truly profound relationship.


I think that everyday one should feel the intimacy, the affection, the love our partner has and feels for us.  And you might say…well this is a lot to ask for.  But I say to you, I really don’t believe that it is.  I honestly think it’s the little things that one can do or say that mean SO much!


I feel this from my partner, and I feel it from him everyday.  It’s often as simple as a “How are you, honey?”  “How was your day, honey?”  “Are you okay, honey?”  “I have to tell you what happened today, honey!”


It’s the hug and the kiss that we give each other every day when he walks through the door after his long stressful day!


It’s getting me something at the market unexpectedly that he knows just ran out OR maybe something that I haven’t enjoyed in a while but he knows that I love!


It’s asking about my thoughts and feelings on something even when it might not affect me at all.


It really IS in all of the wonderful little things he does that makes me feel cared for, adored, and loved so very much!!


Love Big…Enjoy Small!  🙂