And My pick for the letter D is…….




I was thinking about discussing DILDOS but I covered a lot about them in my last post under “C”.  🙂  


So, although not the be all end all of being a good lil cocksucker, it is a great thing to have in your arsenal or to pull out of your bag of tricks! *wink*


Because I will be honest with you…I have yet to meet a man who didn’t want me to take as much of his cock in my mouth as I possibly could!  So, I can only imagine that your partner, girlfriend, Mistress, or Master will want and expect the same.  And honestly, deep throating a strap-on cock is really no different than the real thing, right?!?  Well… of course there are a few differences like smell, taste, warmth, oh and the lil fact that it’s real and not made of some synthetic type of material, lol.


BUT… I can assure you, when it cums to learning the art of deep throat, it’s ALL the same!  So, here are a few tips to get you on the right track…

(1)  Learn how to control your gag reflex!


(2) Find a good position (so that you can better control that reflex), one where you are facing your partner’s feet often works very well.


(3) Go slooooow!  Do NOT try to take that entire cock into your mouth all at once.  Take some and hold it there, take more and hold it there.


(4) Relax!  You must relax both your mouth and your throat in order to take ALL of that cock.  Focusing on deep breaths and salivating will help to relax and open up your throat.


(5) Use lube…or at least consider it.  Penetration is so much easier and more comfortable with lubrication.  And of course this lube can simply be your saliva or a deliciously fun flavored lube can also be used.  AND when mixed with your saliva that cock will become even more slick helping it to slide right down!


Happy Sucking To All!!!