Although things are looking up a bit, my time and energy is still being very challenged and my time remains very much not my own. So here are my thoughts for you…and in turn…for us. 🙂


IF and I know with many of you this might be a very big if… But IF you know your schedule and can plan in advance a bit, it would be VERY smart to book an appointment with me! Even a few hours in advance might really help to work a bit of magic (and get you some alone time with your Goddess)! 🙂


Over the past couple of weeks I have heard from many of you just how difficult it has been to reach me over the last month or two!! And even though I only have so much control of things on my end of the world, perhaps you could take more control of things from your end?!?  (And no, I would not at all consider this topping from the bottom lol…just in case you were worried.)


So, email me OR get in touch with one of our amazing dispatchers, OR our amazing ladies at live help and ask about booking an appointment with me!  All I ask of YOU is that our session be at least 20 minutes in length.


And one more incredibly important thing…over the past bunch of weeks a number of you have reached out to me. You have called simply to find out how I am doing. You have called simply to show your support. You have shown me your true colors in kindness, concern, and love and I truly truly appreciate it! You all know who you are and I just want to say again, THANK YOU!!!!!!!