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My New Year’s Wishes For 2018


It’s almost here…the start of a new year.  And whether 2017 has been a positive year for you, or a year that you’re happy, is coming to a close. The new year allows for a fresh new start, that proverbial new slate.  A new canvas to decorate, to paint, to create, to make our very own!  How exciting to think about all of the many possibilities!


What do we want in our life? What is really important to us? What feels positive and healthy? What truly brings us joy?


As I look back on this year, I see many highs and lows for sure, so many things that I am incredibly grateful for.  But last night I thought to myself, creating new year’s resolutions doesn’t feel quite right. That’s when I came up with my new year’s wishes.


Yes, there are specific elements in my life that I wish to change and improve upon, but in this past year I think that I am seeing things just a bit more globally.


So on that note, here are some of My Wishes for 2018. A tall order perhaps, but that’s OK!




Being heard

Unconditional love

Good health



Discrimination eradicated

Morals to be proud of

Leaders to be proud of

Hard work being rewarded

Important work being valued




What do YOU want for 2018?


Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO




2 comments to My New Year’s Wishes For 2018

  • Petey cream puff

    Health!!!! Without health you can’t do anything…also agree with what you blogged. With year coming to close and new year approaching I’ve made huge strides in coming out. It started last year telling my masseuse and she accepted and to me that’s who I am and have become. Last week she gave me makeover/took pictures with her phone and kept me in makeup/lipstick during waxing and sent me home. We are going to do this on monthly basis. She’s using the same women’s facial lotion she’s using to keep my cheeks girlish soft. I’m going to bring dresses/silk blouse/bra/panty heels/blush/foundation/lipstick and have her take pictures with her phone. With her saying to accept who I become I’m her cream puff girl. It’s what I wanted and now it’s happened. I also got makeup application done this past Wednesday as I was dressed up in women’s boots/slacks/sweater/bra/panty/perfume & lotion. The girl asked if I like wearing lipstick and makeup and I told her yes. What a thrill to have women do this to me. I’m so glad I came out of the closet with my masseuse as she’s accepted and made me her cream puff girl!! It’s what I always wanted/needed and now it’s happened. 2018 will be great year as more feminization will continue by her as she has me wrapped around her fingers and her nails dug into me with no intention of ever letting me go.

  • Mandy

    Well Petey, I totally agree with you! If we don’t have our health we really don’t have much of anything. The quality of our life goes way down and often this is ALL that we can think about. I’m glad that you made all of the strides you made in 2017! Onward and upward for our cream puff girl! 🙂

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