Yes, it’s literally just hours away…a new year, a new beginning, a fresh start, a sort of clean slate if you will. A time to think about doing things differently, and perhaps making some changes. It’s a time to take stock of our lives and evaluate what is working and what is not…what is creating joy in our lives and what might be feeling less than happy and wonderful.


Are we being generous, thoughtful and kind to those in our lives? Are we being generous, thoughtful and kind to ourselves? Part of this might be cutting ourselves some slack and allowing ourselves to be human, and in turn fallible. Or perhaps it’s taking better care of ourselves and making sure that we eat well and exercise regularly and get enough rest.


Are we feeling good about our job, our career? Are we feeling valued and respected by our bosses and colleagues?  Does our work/job fill us with a sense of satisfaction and pride? Maybe all of these things are true but we’re still not really happy.


While this will not be a huge change…something that I am going to do in the new year is to give YOU all a little birthday gift. So here is the deal…you have the opportunity to have 10 Free Birthday Minutes with me in 2019! 


So, if you want them (and I know that you do lol) this is what you’ll need to do: (1) Those with a January birthday need to notify me ASAP of your birthday. (2) Everyone else needs to notify me at least 2 weeks in advance of your birthday. (3) I am giving you these minutes as a celebration of your birthday and would hope you could use them on your actual birthday.  However, I realize that some of you may have plans that would make this difficult.  So, I will graciously give you these 10 minutes on the actual day, the day before, or the day after. (4) When you call to use your free birthday minutes, your call must be initiated through dispatch. (5) These free birthday minutes will be added to your call. (6) Any questions or wonderings…please just ask! (7) Happy Birthday!


I wish you all a Healthy, Joyous, and Prosperous New Year!



Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO