Her sexy, taut, filmy thong panties were my focal point at the very nexus of her most perfectly gorgeous legs hips and buttocks – when she permitted. Frequently she would tease me with views of her panties, knowing how erotically stimulating her wonderful poses were to me…how effortlessly she would create enormous desire in me with no release in sight.


But such views of Mistress Mandy’s taut, filmy panties were only made available at her whim, of course.


I know that I pleased her with the massage of her second foot. “Thank you, Alan. You may replace my stiletto now and remain kneeling there,” she instructed.


Obediently, I replaced her high heel and gently strapped it closed. She knew the sensual contact with her, even if only her feet, drove me wild! Those smooth silky stockings, coupled with the close up view of her wonderful legs, and the lovely scent of her subtle perfume would create even more longing deep within me.


I found myself panting for her, and she leaned forward a little on her sexy curvy hips to look down at my enormous erection. “Mmmm big boy – you look exceptionally aroused there – does your Mistress really do that much to you?” *giggle* “Is that ALL for me?”


She looked me in the eye with a sultry smile, one eyebrow cocked enquiringly. ”Y-yes Mistress Mandy,” I stammered. “My my big boy. It must have been a considerable time since your last naughty release, hmmm?”


“Mistress – yes – it has been 2 weeks since you last permitted that for me.” She smiled at me and reached out with her left hand…those long beautiful nails caressing my cheek and then the side of my neck… sending shivers down my spine.


“That is quite sometime for such a horny boy like you isn’t it……. ?”


“But I have to go now.” She smiled knowingly down at me. “Call me in a week and be good until then!”


With that she stood up and without a backward glance walked out…her heels clicking sexily across the wooden floor… leaving me in such a state…all over again!



Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO


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