Happy New Year!!!!


So it’s official…it’s here…another new year…it’s 2022…how you feeling about you? Are there things you want to change…perhaps some planning…long range? Or perhaps you want to give…tired of your money leaking out like a sieve? Or maybe it’s about love…yearning for that someone that fits you like a glove? Or perhaps it’s your health, your diet, your sleep, and it’s time to take stock and stop counting those sheep.


Now I know (at least I hope I do) this is a silly little ditty, but I want to encourage these changes, so you can feel less “shitty”. And yes, we both know that I can’t make them for you but I can certainly be here to listen and support you.


So here is where my gift comes in…for January I am giving you a FREE 5 or 10. Free 5 or 10 what you ask?? Well minutes of course, minutes of my time, and I am gifting them to you in this silly little rhyme. So here is what you’ll need to do for me, look down below and you shall see!



Mandy’s 7 Rules

  • Schedule at least a 30 minute session for 5 free minutes!
  • Schedule at least a 60 minute session for 10 free minutes!
  • Schedule your session AT LEAST 5 hours in advance!
  • Schedule your session by email/Skype/dispatch/or our concierge!
  • My gift is good for 1(one) session!
  • My gift is good for the month of January!
  • A “no show” may mean a completely lost opportunity!



Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy πŸ™‚ XO