Are you in the game?!!?  Do you even KNOW if you’re in the game???


Email or call me if you’re not sure or you have any questions for me. Maybe you’re not sure of the pet name I gave you??  That could be…I will let you know if it’s you or if it’s not you, lol. 🙂


So, here they are…the latest and greatest through 3/18:

Most Minutes: (1) collared one- 322 (2) tinier than tom- 306 (3) sissy slut whore- 255

Total Call Days: (1) collared one-6 (2) sissy slut whore-5 And 6 of you have called 3X:  daydreaming of cock, tinier than tom, stocking foot sniffer, little dicked cum slut, patricia, & naughty little jenny, 

Longest Call: (1) tinier than tom- 143 (2) my whore wife- 127 (3) collared one- 122


We’re now past the midway point in the competition but there is still plenty of time to compete for my affections!  I am officially having a blast with my Mandy Madness Competition and hope that you are too!


If you’ve been following along closely you’ve noticed changes and shifts… this means that the competition is still very much open! And…in turn, your next call could shift the standings in your favor!


So don’t be shy…step up to the plate…your next swing could be the one to knock it out of the park!!! 🙂


PS.  For those of you who don’t already know…your Goddess is most definitely a baseball fanatic!

PPS.  And an important FYI…collared one, tinier than tom, & sissy slut whore have all qualified for a participation award…CONGRATULATIONS to the 3 of you!!!!!!!