I had edged him over and over and over again for 7 days straight (lol my favorite number) and yes, you guessed it…I did not let him cum!  And although I of course loved every second of it…it was not even my idea, believe it or not?!


A few months back, around the time of my birthday actually, he told me that he wanted to try something he had very little experience with, edging.  He knew that unlike him, I was nearly a consummate pro.  He explained to me just how intense a man’s orgasm becomes by doing this even a little bit.  “Yes sweetie, I know”.  🙂


So, you can imagine just how very much he sooooooo wanted to cum after all of this time…after 7 days of intense edging and teasing and of course…DENIAL!  And, this was the longest he’d ever gone without orgasm since, well… let’s just say a very long time ago *wink*


I knew that he was not only open but was perhaps a wee bit desperate, too!!!  So I played with this knowledge and went right to my nightstand drawer…I pulled out my most favorite big toy and began to attach it to my naked body.


I felt the excitement surging between my thighs as I did and walked in to the living room.  He heard me coming and turned his head in my direction…much of what greeted him was a very big smile and an 8″ strap-on cock!  What greeted me was a look of shock followed by…”OMG… I want you to fuck me!!!”  “Do you honey?!?”  “Yes… Mount Me Pleeeeeeeeze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ohhhhhhhhhhh Yessssss…this is exactly what “M” is for!!! 🙂