She then bent over and blew a current of air over the head of my cock. I fought to hold still and just moaned. Then a sharp sting on my thigh as she flicked the tip of a crop against it.  “Pleasure and pain, puppy.” I felt the leather tip of the crop dragging over me. She started it at my cock, the tip gliding over the full length of the shaft.  


“Want more, puppy?” “Please Mistress, more. Please.” The tip then tapping lightly against my balls, dragging up my stomach brushing my nipples then resting on my lips.  My tongue snaked from my mouth and I licked the leather tip.


She released my wrist again and told me I could touch.  The crop brushed my hard nipples and she warned me not to cum without permission.  “No Mistress, I will be good. I promise, Mistress.”


I sighed with pleasure as my hand returned to my cock and I rubbed over the full length of it.  I could feel her close to me almost touching my quivering flesh.


“Don’t forget those balls, they deserve attention too. Give them a tug for me.” I took them in my fingers and pulled on them.  They felt so heavy. “Now rub behind them. Press on that spot for me. Yes puppy, small circles over it. Press a little harder now. Feels so good, doesn’t it? That’s my good boy, my very good boy.”


My chest was heaving, my legs like jelly as I rubbed and pleasured myself for Mistress.  I could hear her sucking something, then the feel of her lips as she placed soft kisses on my cheek.  I was groaning in pleasure and need as my fingers worked the spot and could feel my cock leaking again.  


She took my hand and placed it on my cock again as she stood in front of me. Her thighs were straddling my leg as I felt her rubbing herself against my thigh.  Her hand glided past mine as she reached between my legs. Her finger found the valley where the cheeks of my ass met and slowly moved upwards.


My body straighten at that touch and my eyes opened behind the blindfold.  The fingertip softly rimmed the puckered flesh and sent shocks through my body. Then I felt her press on the flesh and it yielded to her. “So tight, are you a virgin, puppy?


Just relax. Give in to it. Let the want and the need take you there.” Her finger pulled back and covered my hand slowing my touching. She rubbed harder against my leg and soft sweet moans fell from her lips.


“You are such a good boy and a very lucky one at that.  So many men go through life not knowing, not realizing who and what they are, not knowing their true place.  That would have been you John, if not for tonight, if not for this. You would have wandered through your life, lost in an inner turmoil.  Knowing something was missing, and not knowing what it is. But you know now. You have had a taste. Even though you are blindfolded your eyes have been opened and you can see it clearly.  You can feel it, can’t you? Do you want it?”


I just shook as she spoke to me.  All her words were true. I had never felt like this before.  Never knew this existed. “Yes, I want it. I need it. It feels so good, so right.”


Her lips touched my cheek again.  “What are you, John?” My head dropped, and I just moaned. “I am your puppy, Mistress.” She pressed closer to me holding me.  “No puppy, not mine. I did not give you this. Another did, and that is who you belong to, if this is what you want. Do you want to know who? Hmmmmm.”  


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO