As I mentioned in a previous post, My plan and truest intention is to share inspiring words & passages with you on a daily basis.

Once upon a time, someone shared with Me in just this way, and it excited Me!  And no, I didn’t get wet, lol, but My brain sure as heck was ignited!  Sometimes it was just a sentence or two, and often that was all it took!  Each week he would share a different “quote” with Me.  Beautiful words written by individuals from all walks of life. I SO looked forward to seeing him and being inspired!


As promised yesterday, here are the rest of Byron’s wonderfully inspiring words!  I would recommend reading yesterday’s post first, so his words can more easily and fully resonate within.  🙂


Will it be Easy

Not likely.  Will it be worth the work, the risk, the frustration?  Absolutely.

Persist, persevere.  Life gives you the opportunity now, so don’t let one more moment escape your capacity to have, be, or get what you want.

Get This Right

There is one thing that you need to get right before you even make one move to get what you want, and that is to trust yourself

Yes, trust yourself to be able to learn what you need to learn, to take risks to accomplish what others may think is foolhardy or impossible.  Trust your own resolve to meet each and every challenge along the way.

Remember That

YOU are the instrument of change, the mechanism that with all your capacity will see new things unfold as you put thought into action.  Anything is possible.