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Melody’s Weekend Adventure Continues


i realized it had not occurred to me when we first arrived, but the lights in the cabin were already on before Goddess Mandy went inside. Someone was already here, and they would immediately see me in my sissy outfit. Taking a deep breath, i opened the door and went inside. The first thing i heard was Goddess Mandy’s voice and a male voice talking.


“Thank you, melody, for bringing in our bags. Please introduce yourself to our host for the weekend. This is Mark.” i set the bags down, lowered my head, blushed beet red, and curtsied.“i’m sissy melody, sir. Thank you for hosting Goddess Mandy and I this weekend.”


Mark did not respond but gave me a look that somehow made my clitty bounce back from the cold. “Thank you, melody,” Goddess Mandy said. “Please go put My things in one of the bedrooms. You, of course, will be sleeping out here on the couch.” As i walked away, i was able to eavesdrop and listen to the rest of the conversation between Goddess Mandy and Mark.


“Melody is my new sissy, the one i told you about. She’s very well trained and ready to become a full sissy faggot. She won’t disappoint.” My clitty further strained against its cage on hearing Goddess Mandy’s words. “She better not disappoint,” Mark said gruffly. “Otherwise, we’ll have to call off the rest of the weekend.” Not knowing what Mark meant, i proceeded to stop wasting time and to find the nicest bedroom for Goddess Mandy.


After unpacking Goddess Mandy’s things and trying not to spend too much time with Her bras and panties, i went to the kitchen and served Goddess Mandy and Mark their dinner. After waiting on them, getting them after dinner drinks, and cleaning up, i ate my own dinner, though it was not very much due to my mixture of excitement and nervousness.


“Well, let’s take a look at what Mandy brought me to play with,” Mark said as i walked out of the kitchen to check on them. He walked over to me and eyed me up and down followed by an aggressive full body groping. “The tits, wig, and scented lotion are a nice touch.” Grabbing my crotch, “Good! A chastity cage. Mandy, how long has she been denied?” “Two weeks combined with My daily tease and denial training. As you can see from her panties, she is leaking almost constantly now.” “Yes, I see that. Excellent! Drop your panties, sissy, and bend over with your legs spread.”


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO


PS. And now there are 6…who shall be next?

PPS. Thank you all for your stories so far. I am enjoying them immensely!



2 comments to Melody’s Weekend Adventure Continues

  • Petey cream puff

    Great story!! Is it ok to have call we did last night count as story?

  • Mandy

    Thanks Petey…glad you’re enjoying it! You may write about whatever you wish. But of course it’s my discretion what I choose to share. I did LOVE our session the other night! 🙂

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