Does Mandy Madness seem ohhh so long ago???  Are you ready to play again?!?  Have you been aching for the chance to compete for my attention, my affections again??


Well, you’re absolutely in luck as I have another sexy fun contest for all of you to try your hand at!


And here is the deal…you will be guessing what my Wedding Song was. You will have from now till August 31st to guess.


I will share some info with you which may or may not prove helpful in figuring it out.  I was married in the summer of 2000 in Massachusetts. My ex is 5+ years older than me.  Some of the artists we considered in choosing our wedding song were The Stones, Herman’s Hermits, James Taylor, The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Shania Twain & Loggins & Messina.


So, what is the prize for this deliciously fun contest you ask?!?  Well, it is 30 FREE MINUTES for you!  But… if you are not the sole winner then you must share these minutes.  So, if there are 2 winners you each receive 15 minutes Free.  And if there are 3, you each make out with 10 minutes for Free.


I will inform any and all winners at the beginning of September and you will need to use your free minutes by Oct 1st.



1) Every call gives you at least one guess.

2) A scheduled call gives you 2 guesses instead of one, but must be scheduled 24 hours in advance.

3) Arrange a call through dispatch when I am NOT logged in.  If you are lucky enough to find me available for you, a bonus guess is yours.

4) For those of you with the gift of gab, a 60 minute call gives you 2 guesses.  And for 30 minutes more another guess you score.

5) Each participant can win once and only once.  If you happen to guess the correct song twice, you win one and only one prize.

6) If more than one participant guesses my wedding song, they each receive their equal share of the prize.

7) Everybody be silly and have fun with this contest!!!