They walked into the ballroom and a wave of silence began as conversations stopped and eyes turned to Mandy.  As she saw people she knew, she smiled and gave a little finger wave. Her dresses were always the topic of conversation and this year would be no exception. Her gown would come to be known as simply “The Dress.”


It was like a second skin painted on her, silver in color and reflecting the light.  The dress came up her side under her arms into a collar around her neck. It hugged and accentuated all her curves. A bra built into the dress that caressed and lifted her lush breasts and kept the outline of her nipples hidden. It was backless and had a long slit that almost reached her hip and showed off her long legs as she walked.  


One of the topics of debate among the guests was did it show too much or just enough side boob.


They walked along the tables looking at all of the items up for the silent auction.  When they came across a necklace and earring set Mandy stopped and turned to John. She smiled as she looked into his eyes and simply said, “I want it.”  John countered that it would not go at all with her dress. “I’ll just wear it to bed then,” she teased.


A small crowd was following her and there were audible groans as she spoke.  She did not notice the tall, younger, handsome man who was part of the throng.


John put in his bid and gave a signal to the man in charge.  They had a long-standing agreement that when John wanted a piece he would bid $100 over the high bid at the close of the auction.  


He gave Mandy a kiss on the cheek and told her he needed to go over and say hello to someone. She nodded and turned to walk out to the patio to enjoy the last moments of the sunset.


As she was looking out over the grounds to the ocean, that younger handsome man slipped next to her and teased, “So your husband does let you out of his sight.”  “Yes, every once in a while, he does.”


The announcement came that dinner was about to be served and the auction was closed. Mandy turned and started to go into the banquet room.  “Maybe I’ll get to see you again,” he offered. Mandy gave him a wink and that smile “You just might,” she offered.


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO