I know that some of you have been waiting and waiting to find out just what happened in Mandy’s Magical Mushroom Meadow! Well wait to no longer…it’s here!!! 🙂


Benji still couldn’t believe what he was seeing…almost as if in a dream. A dream that he quickly decided he had no interest in waking up from! He blinked his eyes quickly and even pinched his arm hard to try and figure out what might really be going on.


And then he felt a strange twinge between his legs as his groin seemed to twitch and convulse a bit. It felt as if his cock and balls were being compressed. He undid the metal button and zipper on his jeans and watched in amazement as his cock was sucked into his body followed quickly by his balls.


After the initial shock of watching his cock and balls disappear, Benji realized that they had been replaced with a vulva, labia, and clitoris. He couldn’t help himself, as he reached down into his underwear and began touching his new female parts. They felt so very different and he got a bit lost in all of the new sensations. He almost forgot where he was and that Mandy was there with him. But as he looked up from his knees, Mandy and her thick hard wet cock were hovering just inches from his face.


“Go ahead sweetie, wrap your lips around it. I know that you want to.” Benji timidly looked up into Mandy’s big blue eyes, her arousal was palpable. He opened his mouth a bit and then placed a big kiss on her meaty bulbous head before doing just exactly what she said, he began to suck.


“Mmmmmm Mandy, your cock is so beautiful and tastes so good! OMG I can’t believe I am sucking a cock and it’s yours…it’s so beautiful and it’s yours! What is happening?!? You have a cock and I have a pussy. Look Mandy…LOOK!”


“Ohhhhhh Benji…it’s so pretty…I LOVE IT!!! But I want you to keep sucking me, sweetie. Don’t stop! I want you to keep sucking my beautiful cock until I cum in your mouth and you swallow up every yummy drop!” Benji went back to sucking Mandy voraciously nodding his head in both understanding and agreement.


As Mandy’s arousal heightened she grabbed his face and began to fuck it with wild abandon! “Good boy” she began to loudly whisper over and over again as her climax neared. And then with three quick thrusts, Mandy grunted loudly and erupted with force into the back of Benji’s mouth. There was a lot to get down but eagerly he kept swallowing and swallowing till all of her delicious juices were consumed.


“Baby, I know that I just came but I want you to get me hard again. I need to fuck that pretty pussy of yours!” Benji smiled as he pulled Mandy to the ground. He wrapped his arms around her and passionately kissed her beautiful lips. “OMG Mandy…I want that too!”


Just as those words came out, Benji felt a completely new sensation…a sort of gushing between his legs. He knew that he was ready for her, for that big thick cock. He also knew that he was a little scared, but he wanted her. He wanted her so very badly!


With that, Benji crawled between Mandy’s legs and began to slurp and suck that growing member into his mouth. Quickly it became fully engorged and Mandy began her thrusts again. “OK sweetie, lay down on your back. You’re gonna take this big cock for me and you’re gonna love it!” Mandy took her time as she could see a bit of trepidation on Benji’s face. But as excited as she was…she wanted to be sure that she didn’t hurt him. “Ready for me, baby?”


Mandy began to rub her big bulbous head against Benji’s clit and labia, as a soft moan escaped from his lips. “Mmmmmm please  Mandy, take me. I need your cock!” Just then she slid into his virgin pussy with all of her length and girth being buried deep inside of him.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Mandy it’s so big!” Hearing this spurned her on as she drove her cock hard and fast and deep and shallow and deep again into her beautiful Benji. It felt soooo good and soooo right. And with the look on his face and the noises coming out of his throat, Mandy could only imagine that he must be feeling the very same way!


She reached down and began to rub Benji’s clit as she continued to rhythmically fuck him. He moaned loudly and then almost began to scream with the pleasure of it all! “That’s it Benji…cum for me baby!” And with that, Mandy felt lots of little squeezes of her cock as she watched him convulse on the ground as waves of sheer pleasure rippled through his body. And then it was her turn again to explode, as she pounded herself hard into Benji’s already sopping wet pussy.


After Mandy caught her breath, she slowly slid out. She laid down next to her beautiful friend feeling both incredibly happy and spent.  Benji snuggled into Mandy’s arm and breast as they hugged each other tightly, enjoying the warmth and afterglow of their lovemaking.


Suddenly Mandy stirred as she realized that she had been sleeping, as had her beautiful Benji.  He was still asleep, naked in her arms, his small cock and balls resting on her thigh. Mandy gently woke him up and they quietly got dressed. Benji looked forlorn as he scanned the meadow for mushrooms and found none. Mandy smiled gently watching him search for those amazing mushrooms. She understood his strong desire to repeat their incredible lovemaking.


She reached out her hand to him, “Benji, let’s head home. I know we’ll be able to have more fun together.” She picked up her basket which she had filled with countless mushrooms, Benji hadn’t noticed. As they made their way back to the car, Mandy’s thoughts began to race about all of what just happened AND all of the sexy possibilities that might be on the horizon for them!


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO