I never thought that a late summer’s night walk could be so very sexy…but My oh My it certainly was!! ๐Ÿ™‚


Well, I suppose it didn’t hurt that My thoughts turned to being naked on My lovely walk. ย  Yes…NAKED… well, naked with My feet covered in lil white cotton socks and My well broken in Avia sneakers, LOL


I began to imagine just what people in their cars would think as they passed Me by. ย “Wait…did I just pass a naked woman?!?!” ย  “I couldn’t have, could I???”


Or the super friendly Dad that I passed twice on My lovely walk…he was pushing his disabled son and running very fast with him up the small hills. ย  I wonder if I would have shocked him…obviously he’s seen a naked woman before but perhaps not on his run with his son *wink*


And then I saw a large clump of bushes which were quite overgrown on the top…all sorts of uneven lengths of green sticking up. ย Mmmmmmmmm those remind Me of penises, I thought to Myself! *wink*


Just then I began to notice the air against My skin…and sometimes it was warm and dry and sometimes it was cooler and a bit damp as I passed by a swampy marshy area…My naked skin coming more alive with each and every step!


As I neared home My eyes fell upon three large and lovely trees…oak perhaps or maybe they were maple, I am not really sure. ย  They were all beautifully wrapped in a gorgeous green ivy.


And then an especially delicious thought entered My consciousness…I wonder what it would feel like to be that tree all beautifully wrapped and adorned in ivy. ย And then I thought…hmmmmmmm maybe I would like to be that gorgeous ivy instead wrapped around that gorgeous trunk…that vertical shaft rising into the sky, My tentacles probing and gripping it’s magnificent girth!


Would you like to join Me on My next walk?!