Yes, it’s official boys and girls, Mandy Madness has come to an end. BOO-HOO!!! I don’t know how you’re feeling, but I am a bit sad that it’s over.  But my sadness is telling me that I will just have to do this again! Or something similar, at very least.


Ohhhh and I know at least a few of you were wondering and hoping and asking if you were competing for my affections, or perhaps it was for those top prizes, or maybe just maybe you were looking to win for winning sake?!?  Whatever the reason…I love it!


And someone even asked me if I would extend Mandy Madness a few more days.  I LOVE this enthusiasm!!!  And this would be fun but it wouldn’t be or feel quite fair in my mind.  So, I said no. But I can’t say that I was not tempted by his thought…because I was. 🙂


So without further ado…here they are…the final results and winners of Mandy Madness!

Most Minutes: collared one- 427 (20 free mins)

Total Call Days: sissy slut whore- 7 (15 free mins)

Longest Call: tinier than tom- 143 (10 free mins) 

*Appreciation Award*: stocking foot sniffer- 393 minutes (7 free mins)


Congratulations to everyone who competed and won AND another big huge thank you to everyone for helping to make my 7-year anniversary so much fun!!! 🙂