…while I do like warm buns, I prefer buns warmed by the heat of competition, rather than self warming on the sidelines. *wink*


So, for all of you Mandy Madness fanatics who are keeping up or trying to keep up in my sexy fun anniversary competition…here are the latest results!  Things are tightening up just a wee bit…:)


Most Minutes: (1) collared one- 262 (2) sissy slut whore- 185 (3) tinier than Tom- 163

Total Call Days: (1) collared one-5 (2) sissy slut whore-3 (3) daydreaming of cock-3

Longest Call: (1) collared one- 122 (2) tinier than Tom- 103 (3) sissy slut whore- 90 


We are closing in on the midway point.  While some of you have embraced the competition and developed a strong position, there is still plenty of time for a dark “horse” to arise and erupt and perhaps disrupt the current field!  Are you capable? Are you up?  Are you FIRMly resolved to compete and honor your Goddess?!?  I KNOW that you can do it…make me proud!!