Yes it’s sad but it’s true….Mandy Madness is almost over!  The month went fast and I’ve had lots and lots of fun!!  And I want to thank all of YOU for helping to make my 7-year anniversary so very special.  It wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun with YOU!  🙂


But I do want to share that over the past couple of weeks I have not been quite as available as I normally am or would like to be.  And I am sad and sorry for any/all of you that have tried to reach me and couldn’t. Unfortunately, family medical matters pulled me away from my usual and customary routine.  


However, planning is already underway for some upcoming fun competition so be on the look out for details!! And if you have not subscribed to my blog just yet, now is a great time to do so. 


So, there are only a matter of hours left before Mandy Madness ends and here is where things stand through 3/29:

Most Minutes: (1) stocking foot sniffer- 393 (2) collared one- 352 (3) sissy slut whore- 310

Total Call Days: (1) collared one- 8 (2) sissy slut whore- 6 (3) stocking foot sniffer- 5 & daydreaming of cock- 5

Longest Call: (1) tinier than tom- 143 (2) my whore wife- 127 (3) collared one- 122


**And just to remind you all..collared one, tinier than tom, sissy slut whore and now stocking foot sniffer have all qualified for participation awards!  CONGRATULATIONS to the 4 of you!!!!!!!**