Yes, that’s right…summer time is just around the corner now.  I know I know…it’s June already. But I am the crazy one that talks about summer not being here yet. That is because I think about it it in terms of the actual calendar. So, it’s not technically summer yet, dammit. Not until the calendar says so, I say. 😉

But before the calendar does indeed say so, my honey (John) will be out of school and things will slowly begin to change a bit for me. My schedule, I expect, will be a bit more erratic and undefined.

AND…with the warmer weather I will be by the pond or the pool, in a canoe or paddle boat, on the shuffleboard court, taking a long lovely walk through the woods, or sipping on icy cold deliciousness as I turn the pages of my new book. No matter what I am doing though, I can guarantee you that I will be out and about enjoying the warmth and beauty of the day.

So what exactly does this mean for YOU and having sexy time with ME? Well, I hate to say it, but it likely means that spending time with me might be harder to cum by. And many of you have told me that you already struggle mightily to reach me both when I am here and when I am not. But alas, don’t fret, I of course have some ideas for you!

So, the #1 very very very best way (Did I say very?) to get me and have me all to yourself when you want me is of course to schedule a session with me. Yes, as many of you know I am a huge planner. So scheduling with me allows us both to get our needs met!

 Schedule, Schedule, Schedule!

And what do I mean by schedule, exactly? For me, a scheduled appointment (session) should be made a minimum of 2 hours in advance or up to 2 days or more ahead depending on our schedules. A scheduled session with me should be at least 30 minutes in length but I am willing to make exceptions.

The very best way to schedule with me is by email. You can reach me directly at

The second best way to schedule with me is through dispatch. I am very attentive to all of our dispatchers! They are AMAZING and always go above and beyond to help us get connected! You are never bugging them nor me! Please ask them to get in touch with me!

And if you just can’t schedule an appointment with me, but find yourself with some time on your hands or perhaps something in your hands lol, please, once again, email OR ask dispatch to get in touch with me! I just might be able to avail myself to you very quickly… if you hit it just right. 


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO