Hmmmmmmm I wonder what I would say if someone asked me this question…:)  Well, I definitely have some ideas for YOU that just might make you smile!!


So, instead of finding that bottle of musky manly aftershave, would you rather find a pretty little bottle of sweet smelling perfume?!?


And instead of finding that pair of black wool socks, would you rather find a pair of silky white stockings, especially the ones with the sexy lace top?!?


Or maybe you pull out a package with 3 new pairs of boxers.  But, what you’re really longing for is those pretty little satin lace panties right… the ones with the matching bow in the front?!?


And instead of finding a fun little robotic toy to put together and play with…all you really want is a sexy silicone 8″ dildo to suck on and ride, am I right ?!?


Or maybe when you pull out that deliciously yummy box of chocolates (the kind that everyone would love) ALL you can think about is wishing it were a box of flavored condoms to use the next time you go to your favorite “bookstore”?!?


So, how did I do on your “naughty stocking”???  Tell me or your favorite Mistress…we can’t make your nice stocking naughty unless we REALLY know just what to put inside *wink*  🙂