YES indeed…L is for Lube!!!!


Something as you all know by now is crucial for strap-on play…well at least it is if one’s ass (or pussy) is involved, lol! And as I think I’ve said on at least on one occasion…the more the better!!!  Yes, I can never really imagine too much lube being a bad thing.  But too little…well things just might not move as easily, insert as smoothly, feel nearly as comfortable or as sexy for that matter!


So, how do you choose what is right for you, for your sub, your slave, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your partner, your husband, or anyone else you are going to be lubing up incredibly well?!?


Well the starting point becomes what type of lube fits the bill for you?  All lubes fall in to one of 3 categories…oil based, water based, or silicone based.   And sometimes it’s a simple case of trial and error as there are most certainly pros and cons to each type.


But, I will say that many people consider silicone based lubes the most ideal when it comes to any type of anal play. They are long lasting, slippery, easy to clean up, create minimal friction, and are condom safe.  This last property is not something oil based lubes can provide.  And for safe sex, of course, it is essential.


So, in closing I will say…do your homework…read the reviews…see what might be right for you!  Because when it comes right down to it…there is no one perfect lube for everyone!  🙂