I thought that this would be really fun to talk about! Why you ask?!? Well for starters, I think it’s something that we all can relate to. I believe that we all likely do it at least somewhat, at least sometimes, or have at least at some point in time.


So, what does it mean to live vicariously?  I’m sure we all know, but here are  a couple of ways to think about it…


“Experienced or felt by empathy with or imaginary participation in the life of another person.” (thefreedictionary.com)

“Experienced or gained by the loss or to the consequence of another person, rather than through first-hand experience, such as through watching or reading.” (wiktionary.org)


I think there are times that perhaps it makes sense to live vicariously. But, I feel if this is the manner in which you live your life, day to day, it could be way less than ideal. Because then I would need to ask you…”Whose life are you really living…your best friend’s…your child’s…the CEO at your company, some young handsome stud movie-star??” Perception is quite often not reality.


So, I will challenge you to look at your perception. Are you living YOUR life or living vicariously through someone else’s?


If you’re taking a step away from your life to explore a fantasy or daydreaming to relax and enjoy a summer afternoon then the benefits of such actions are clear.  However, if we let such vicarious thoughts consume too much of our own personal lives then we move into the dangerous realm of losing ourselves as we try to live a life that is not our own.


Like many things in our lives, when taken in small doses it can be helpful.  But in larger doses may do harm.  Living vicariously fits this description to a tee.


While fantasies can be enhancing we mustn’t let them become all consuming.  If your fantasies so subsume you that you’re no longer sure who you are…they may have gone to far.


In the words of Polonius….”To thine own self be true.”