“Oh dear, it seems that cock of yours is leaking.  Swipe up that precum before it drips and makes a mess.  Good boy.  Now lick that finger clean.   Do not touch, hands on your thighs only.”  


James whispered in her ear just loud enough for Charles to hear.  “I see that you have been depriving yourself for so long now.  I am going to love fucking that tight cunt of yours.”


Lisa had music playing in the background.  She turned to James again and wrapped her arms around his neck once more.  “Dance with me.  I want to feel your heat, your need, your strength, my Bull.”


Their bodies swayed slowly together in the prelude to the dance of lust that would follow.  Hands explored each other’s bodies. Tongues were entwined as the kisses grew deeper.  Lisa’s hard, turgid nipples were fully outlined on her dress.


When the dancing stopped, she led James to the couch.  She then turned and went to the chair where Charles was sitting naked, fingers gliding over his thighs.


“Is this what you wanted, what you thought it would be?  You know I love you and always will.  If you want me to stop just say the word.”


James couldn’t help but grin.  While he had been with any number of older, white women, he had never experienced something like this.  He thought this only happened in porn videos.


OK then.”  She placed a deep kiss on Charles lips.  Standing with her  arms crossed just above her breasts.  “Please unhook the collar of the dress, it is about to get warm in here.”  Charles did as he was told.  The top of the dress began to fall away held only in place by Lisa’s arms.


James legs were parted, and she now stood between them.  One arm held the dress in place and the fingers of her other hand took the side zipper.  


“Do you ever go to those Gentlemen’s Clubs, James?  My husband does  and he thinks he is hiding it from me.  Shame on him.”  She pulled the  zipper down and, when it reached the bottom, her head turned to look at  her husband and then back to James.


The dress seemed to take forever to float to the floor.  When it did the only thing Lisa was wearing was her smile, stiletto heels and the black band of lace with the miniature pearl strings.  Her fingers played in the sliver of her landing strip.


She lowered her knees to the edge of the couch, her hands on James’ thighs.  “Don’t worry, there is touching allowed here.  Lots of touching in fact.”


She dragged her bare breasts up James’ body.  He was now moaning and his cock twitching.  He could feel it leaking under his pants.  


She kissed him again and growled in his ear.  “Don’t worry, my husband has paid for all the table dances.”  Her legs straddled his and she arched her back pushing her full, ripe breasts to him.  “He has also paid for the VIP suite.  So I am all yours.”


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO


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