As many of you may know I am a Mistress (Goddess is what I prefer to be called) who enjoys many many many sexy, erotic, and naughty things!   One of these “things” some of you may already know is my love of cum eating!   No, not MY love of cum eating but my slave’s, slut’s, and sissy’s love of eating cum FOR me!!!  🙂


In fact, for years I was feeding my submissive lil slut his cum on a weekly basis.   He loved it from moment one and over time he absolutely could not get enough!   It was during this time that I, too, grew to love this wonderful ritual that had been created between us!   It was sexy, and hot, and very empowering for me!


So, any opportunity that I have to instruct or command someone to eat his cum, becomes a wonderful treat for me…and hopefully for him too!


Now you are probably wondering…who is this “best little cum eater” that this post is about?!?    Well…he is a very fun and eager lil cum eater who ALSO has also been eating his cum for me since day one, 6 years ago!!    And a VERY long time ago I affectionately named him “Cummy Bear”.  🙂     He most definitely wins the award for eating the most cum for me, ever!!!


A few years ago he held the record with me for consuming 20 loads of cum…and then he broke it last month!    Yes, last month he consumed 25!!!   Yes, 25 Loads Of Cum!!!   That is AMAZING!!!


And we both had SO much fun breaking his record…swishing, gargling, licking, sucking, and dipping into ALL of that creamy delicious cum!!    And of course in the end, he swallowed down every drop  for me!


Yes, I am SO very proud of my cummy bear!!!!  🙂