Well, it’s official now…SUMMER IS ACTUALLY HERE! And I am just where I want to be! And John is out of school (as of last week), and we are at our adorable little cabin for the weekend, and I am watching my boys of summer (and they are coming back, baby!), and we enjoyed a delicious dinner of homemade fishcakes, broccoli, sweet potato and a bit of wine. Ohh and I can’t forget how we later found ourselves indulging in strawberry shortcake and key lime pie..sooo yummy!

We love it here so much. The people are just so friendly and so nice.  And there is always something fun going on, yet nothing that you ever need to do if you don’t want to. But tomorrow night there is absolutely something that we want to do! 

There is an event that has been happening here for the last 18 years. And although this is only our 4th year attending….it always seems to be one of the highlights of our summer. We SO look forward to it! Are you wondering what it is? OK…I will tell you. It’s both a wine tasting and a silent auction.  And with the very small fee of admission not only do you get to sample many wines and partake in the silent auction, but you also get to keep your very own commemorative wine glass. And they are lovely and different each and every year, from size and shape to the colorful words on the glass. 

So you have to tell me…what’s not to love about this event? And what about YOU? Is there a special summer place or summertime event that YOU look forward to every year? I would love to hear about it!


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO