And I am quite certain that most of you have…


BUT a lil reminder never hurt anyone, right??  *wink*


Ally & LDW are doing the Holidays right!!!


We are giving MORE so you can pay LESS yet get MORE!


Oooooh I really like the sound of that, LOL!  🙂



For the entire month, we are rewinding the 1 hour block call rate to $125.   And as a “stocking stuffer,”  we are adding a special rate of $75. to 30 minute calls.  No promo code needed.  These rewind rates are good through December 31st, 2015.  A gift for you to cum get naughty with a Mistress, and save Santa the trip.  *wink*


So…I ask…Is it better to Give or to Receive?!?  


Well honestly, I think that they really do go hand in hand…don’t you?!


After I give I always feel that I am receiving SO much from that heartfelt thank you, hug, kiss. or great big smile!  It might sound corny but it does make Me feel all warm inside.  Just knowing that I am giving something that is bringing happiness and pleasure, always makes Me smile inside and out!!!  🙂


And when it comes to receiving…well, it’s always nice to get something that you want.  But, it feels special to Me knowing that someone is thinking of Me and wanting to please Me and bring Me joy!  And when I see this happiness in him/her it DOES make Me feel wonderful!  But honestly, if I have to choose…and happily I don’t *wink*… I feel greater  happiness, pleasure, and warmth when I am the giver!


So tell Me…where does YOUR greatest joy and pleasure lie…Giving or Receiving?!?