This is the 2nd chapter of joshua’s Erotic FemDomme Mistress…look back to see how it all began for joshua!

joshua just sat there in Her driveway staring down blankly at his hands. he could barely breathe…it was if someone or something was sitting on his chest.   he could hear his heart beating in his ears…his body nearly frozen…trying desperately to move…to get out of the car.  But he couldn’t!

he began to plead with his legs to start towards the door…the door that would open up a whole new world to him.  A world in which his beautiful sexy FemDomme Mistress would take him in…show him the ropes…make all of his fantasies come true.

Somehow joshua was able to extract himself from his old beat up Chevy…his legs cooperating long enough to get him to the door of his sexy Mistress.  he rang the bell and after what seemed to be endless minutes the shiny red door opened to him.

A rather deep sounding voice called out to him…”hello joshua please come inside.”  Startled, as he quickly realized this was not the voice of his beautiful Mistress,  he finally looked up (he had read that a submissive’s eyes should always be cast downward unless directed otherwise) to see a tall thin attractive figure dressed very beautifully, perhaps even elegantly.

His brain began to race…who is this person?  Am I in the wrong place?  Mistress said that She lived alone.

“Are you going to stand out there all evening, joshua??”…”Ohhhh sorry, no.”  And as he entered the house he looked up again at this tall thin beautifully dressed figure.   And then it hit him, and hit him hard!

joshua’s legs began to shake as his thoughts quickly lunged forward…he realized just how beautiful she/he was.  As the door latched behind him joshua heard a voice call out from the top of the spiral staircase…”Sweetie…has My darling lil bitch arrived yet?!?”