We had been seeing each other for over ten months now.  While we still kept our own places, we did spend a lot of time together, mostly at my place and I had given her a key to the house.  Thursday was generally “girls’ night out” and after that Mandy would generally stay at her place. As we finished the last bit of breakfast that morning I had no reason to believe tonight would be any different than any other Thursday.  My plan was to stay a little late at the office, clearing up some paperwork I had fallen behind on due to the major client presentation we had just finished, grab something to eat and head home.


The day had gone better than I expected.  There were minimal interruptions and the day seemed to fly by.  I was brought back to reality when the ping from my cell phone told me there was a message waiting.  I brought it up and was more than puzzled. The message seemed to come from a text line, and I did not recognize the number.  The message was very succinct, an address, time 8:00 pm and a note “Reply ‘Yes’ to accept.” I pulled the address up on the computer, looked at the time and saw that I had more than enough time to get something to eat and get to the appointed address.   I thought why not, Mandy was with her friends and then home, I had nothing planned. Curiosity got the better of me; I texted “Yes” and touched “Send.”


About an hour later I was driving into the neighborhood of the address.  It was an older section of town; there were small apartment buildings, houses as well as houses converted into offices.  From the signs in front of the various offices the occupants were a mix of doctors, lawyers, accountants and other professionals.   There wasn’t a sign outside of the house I was headed for. Lights were on with some rooms dimly lit, most of the blinds were drawn.   I found a parking spot down the street and checked my watch. The short walk back to the house would get me there right on time.


As I approached the two-story house, I saw there was nothing distinctive about it.  It seemed to blend into the neighborhood perfectly. I came up the walk to the front door. A brass plaque fixed above the bell read “Please press once to ring the bell.”  The windows surrounding the door were frosted and gave no indication of what awaited me inside. A smile came to my face and I pressed the button and waited.


About a minute later the door swung open.  The person opening it was standing behind the door out of my sight.  I stepped inside into a foyer. The floors were hardwood, there was a large circular table in the center with a piece of artwork displayed there.  Under the table was a thick wool oriental rug. The walls were painted in medium to darker colors. The crown molding was original and told me that the original owners were people of means.  


As I walked into the room, she was closing the door behind me. She was a very striking woman, tall, a lithe body, blonde hair to the middle of her back. She was dressed in black slacks, a silk pearl gray blouse open at the neck.  Her breasts were pert, not large; her makeup was not excessive and her lips painted a pale pink. I turned to her and offered her a “Good Evening” and before I could say more she responded with “Welcome and good evening, John. We have been expecting you.  I am sure you have many questions and if you will come with me into this room, I will do my best to answer them for you.” With that she stepped to a doorway and pushed open the heavy curtain hanging from the frame and ushered me inside.


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO


PS. John’s story is a great deal longer than I have requested your stories/poems be (100-1000 words).  I decided on this length in order to make it both fun & manageable for all of us. I only have so much time and energy in my days; true for all of us I would say! 🙂  So, moving forward I will ask that you do your best to share within these confines. And if your story is longer…I will indeed do my best…but no promises.

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