I sat alone in the outer room waiting for my appointment to begin.  It was her last appointment of the day. Finally, the light above the door turned green and I stood up and entered the office.  The room was dimly lit, and she was sitting in her high-backed leather chair, legs crossed, her skirt at her mid-thigh.

“Hello, doctor” I said as I entered and saw her there. 

“Hello, John, how are you?”

“I am alright, thanks.”

She shook her head slightly and, in that commanding tone of voice, said “We both know that is not the case.  Now take off your clothes, hang them on the rack neatly and come here.”

I went over to the rack and began to undress for her.  As I opened the pants and began to slip them off, she told me to leave the panties on.  I took one step to her and she held up her hand and I froze in my tracks. Her voice sterner than it was before, “On your hands and knees, boy.  You know better than that.”

I fell to my hands and knees and made my way across the oriental rug to her.  Reaching her I lowered my head to the floor and placed a soft kiss to her foot.  “You have been slipping. It seems to me you need a shave. Isn’t that so?”

“Yes doctor, I do.  Please forgive me.”

“We will see about that.  Now get your ass into the bathroom and make yourself presentable. Place a towel on the floor and stand on it so you don’t get hair all over the room and make a mess.  Now go.”

I turned and crawled into the bathroom and did as I was instructed.  I took the shaver and removed all my body hair and then applied moisturizer to make my skin smooth and soft for her.  I folded the towel carefully to ensure I captured all the shaven hair and placed the towel in the hamper. Leaving the bathroom, I then crawled back to her, my head lowered and ass lifted. Upon reaching her, I placed another kiss on her foot and kept my head right there.  

“Kneel and let me see if you did a good job.”  My body lifted to a kneel, eyes never leaving her foot, my fingers took hold of the panties and I pushed them lower displaying my now smooth cock and balls.  “Much better. I trust I will not have to correct you again, will I?” “No doctor, you will not have to correct me again.” 

The stiletto heel had been dangling from her foot. It dropped to the floor and she wiggled her toes.  I gingerly took her foot in my hands and brought my lips down as I covered her foot with kisses and licks, sucking each one of her toes slowly and individually into my mouth. Her fingers moved through my hair as I nuzzled my cheek against her bare foot and she softly whispered, “Welcome home, John.”



Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO


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