Below is the 3rd installment of John’s story…I hope that you are enjoying it as much as I am! If you are wishing to submit your own story or poem to me that is wonderful! Please refer to my post titled  “Bobby’s Irresistible Boyish Charm” which will give you all the details and guidelines to follow. And if you have any questions please do ask…thanks!! 🙂


She stepped to me and her hand reached for my cheek.  A soft sigh escaped my lips as I felt the gentle touch of her fingertips.  Her hand ever so slowly dragged across my mouth hesitating as her palm almost covered my mouth.  “Kiss it” she whispered with a slight trace of firmness in her voice. I brought my face to her hand and pressed my lips to her palm through the lace.  


It was then I heard it for the first time, the first time in that context, with that meaning. Two words that I would yearn to hear time and time again.  


Two words that would begin to send me to a place I did not know existed. Two words that echoed in my mind and made my cock jump. “Good boy,” floated on the air between us.  “Would you like to kiss it again?” she purred. The words seem to catch in my throat as I tried so badly to say, “Yes, yes I do Veronica.”


There was the beginning of a smirk on her face at that and her hand slipped to my chin.  She cupped it and held it firmly as her eyes looked so deeply into mine. Her voice slightly harsher as she shook my head gently.  


“There is no Veronica here, she left. There is only Mistress and that is how I should be addressed. Mistress, say it.” She growled at me.  I was shaking slightly at that. Amazed as to how she could hold me there in place with just her hand. How she could make me react as I did.  I was trembling and heard my voice shake, almost crack when I spoke the word, “Mistress.”


She then pulled my chin lower, forcing my eyes to look at the floor. “Being able to look at me is an honor and a privilege, one that you have yet to earn, puppy. One day you may, but until then you will keep those blue eyes lowered unless I tell you otherwise.  Is that understood, puppy?”


Here I was being taught, chastised, humiliated slightly all at once and I was aroused by it. “Yes, Mistress.” I was able to stammer. “I’m sorry. I will be good.” I promised.  


I could feel my hard cock press against my pants, knowing it was fully erect and she hadn’t come close to touching me. She stepped to my side and started petting me as if I were a puppy. Soft pats to the top of my head turning into longer touches on the back of my head and down my back.  “Of course, you will be, puppy” she purred in my ear and I almost lost it then and there.


I heard soft sighs and mewls and wondered where they were coming from. Little did I realize they were emanating from my own mouth.


My eyes still focused on the floor in front of me, I felt her warm breath on my ear and drifting to my neck.  “Just a few more things before I take you upstairs.


First, you will always walk one step behind me. You are not my equal and I am sure you are quickly coming to realize that.  Second, you will speak only when spoken to, with one exception. If for any reason things are becoming a bit too intense, but not breaking any of your limits, you are to say ‘yellow’ and I will keep the intensity as it is.  If that line is crossed or if I want you to do something that is one of your limits then you will say ‘red’ and I will stop. Is this clear?”


Her fingers found my cheek again and she softly caressed it. My head bobbed as I uttered, “Yes Mistress, I understand.”  She brought her hand just over my mouth again. I could hear the smile in her voice as she told me that if I was prepared to go upstairs with her to kiss her palm once more and offer her my hand. My eyes closed as my lips found her palm and my arm lifted to offer Mistress my hand.  


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂