As they walked down the beach Bella occasionally looked over at her friend…she decided to only lose her bikini top and nothing else. She wanted Jenny to feel as comfortable as possible, and being topless together, in solidarity, seemed the best way to do this. As much as Bella wanted to be completely naked, the comfort of her friend came first.  And Bella knew just how huge a deal this was for Jenny! And she was so very proud of her!

Jenny reached out for Bella’s hand. Bella took it and smiled lovingly. They had never held hands before but somehow this brought Jenny comfort as she braved her way down the beach. The only time she had ever taken off any of her clothes in a semi public place was in the ladies locker room at the gym. But most of the time there was hardly anyone around.  She wasn’t ashamed of her body, she just hadn’t grown up in a family where walking around naked ever happened.

But Jenny decided that this was the year. She was 40 now, no longer a kid in anyone’s eyes, including her own. It was time! She was going to do some different things…try things that she had never tried before…push herself more and more out of her comfort zone. She was going to be brave and bold! And her new haircut and today on this beach were definitely a good start!

As they made there way down the beach, Jenny began to notice that there were a lot more people down this end. She also noticed that everyone was completely naked. She kind of laughed to herself…duh…what did she expect? She was also surprised to notice that she felt strangely overdressed in her bikini bottom.

She stopped and turned to Bella…”Do you wanna just take them off?” Bella smiled and responded with a “Sure, sweetie…I would love to!” With that they both took off their bottoms and walked the rest of the beach, bikini bottoms in hand. 


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO