The phone goes dead as I’m laying on the bed, naked, covered in gallons of my own cum. There are still a few aftershocks as the last drops of cum leave my spent little dick. Slowly my breathing returns to a normal rate and my body cools. I feel like a quivering hunk of flesh and look at the mess I’ve made.


I flashback to the last twenty minutes.

The sensations.

The feelings.

The passion.

The eroticism.


The voice…THAT VOICE.


A voice that while soft and silky, is commanding and dominant.

It crawls inside the deepest depths of your brain.

A voice that pokes and prods inside your subconscious until it finds “that spot”.

That spot that feels like a prostate in your brain.


She toys with it.

She teases it.

She squeezes it.  

And then…


I end up where I am now. And all I can think is…

Thank you, my truly amazing Mistress Mandy.

I knew I was in trouble the moment I heard her voice.

I was instantly excited.

My nipples hard and aching.

My cock oozing precum already.


Then she hears my voice…and her voice changes from its tone to the excitement with…is that glee? Oh god, she’s going to truly wreck me. She’s going to chew me up, spit me out, leave me like a carcass on the side of the road. And enjoy every second of it.


We start with the small talk and pleasantries, but I know better.

Mandy’s like a lioness stalking her prey.

She’s sizing me up, and I can feel it on the phone.

I can hear the anticipation in her voice.

She’s going to destroy me.

And my body is begging her to do it.

It’s already given in.

My cock is harder than it’s been since…

Well, since that time Mandy’s boyfriend pounded my ass for her amusement and pleasure.


There’s a voice in my head saying “you can still get out,” but every other part of me has given in. I’m ensnared. Mandy has me in her web, and she’s going to devour me like a black widow.


And I want her to.

No, I need her to.

Fuck, I’m practically begging her to.


I’d scream it to the rooftops if I had to…and she knows it too. And yet she just calmly moves forward with our call. Her confidence exudes. And then she says it…


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO