Yes it’s true…it’s almost my birthday! And that is so exciting and a time to celebrate for sure. But it’s also (at least for me) a time of reflection…a time to take stock of where I am and where I am going. A time to really think about and look at what has been and what hasn’t in this past year of my life. So I guess in some ways it feels a tad like January 1st or 2nd or 3rd. I suppose that I am thinking about things in a very similar manner. Yet, it really feels extra special because it’s a time and day and date that is uniquely mine.

And I am not exactly sure what I want to do for my birthday. I am not exactly sure just how I want to mark it, to celebrate it, to make it feel happy and special.ย  In the past I have taken the day to do whatever I choose and not worked even one lick on my special day. I have gotten massages, taken myself out to breakfast, slept as late as I wanted to, taken a long afternoon nap, curled up with a good book, and gone for a nice long walk in the park or by the ocean.

And I have to be honest. This is the one day of the year that I feel great about making it ALL about me! It’s a special day and should be celebrated as such! Whatever I want!ย  There shall be no bad feelings, no guilt. A special day brimming with goodness, pleasure, and joy!

So, if you’d like to be a part of my birthday goodness, pleasure, and joy, I would LOVE it! One thing that you could do is to find a little something nice and send it my way. OR, another wonderful option if you’re so inclined, would be to write me a nice little birthday message. OR, if you would would like to do both, that would be extraordinarily lovely!



Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy ๐Ÿ™‚ XO


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