Well…not just today…but the entire month of March!!  How cool is that?!?  Who gets to celebrate an anniversary for an entire month???  It just doesn’t happen, right?!  🙂


So, you may have figured it out by now but this entire month is my Anniversary with LDW…Yay!!!!  And I also bet that you’ve figured out that I absolutely positively LOVE IT here!!!!  I do…I love it, love it, love it!  I would not wish to be anywhere else.


In fact, this is my Sixth Anniversary with the company!  OMG, 6 years…it’s hard to believe!  They have gone soooooo fast!


So, how should we celebrate??  Now of course the month is half over but for those glass 1/2 full people like myself,  1/2 of it is still left…1/2 of it is still left to joyously celebrate!!!  🙂


And I could absolutely write a novel about ALL of the wonderfully amazing things that LDW is and does.  All of the wonderfully amazing reasons that I love, love, love it here!!  But honestly, I would really rather hear from YOU!


So, to celebrate these 6 wonderful years…I am throwing down the gauntlet…and here is what I want from YOU!


I want YOU to tell me what you love about LDW?!  What makes it special to YOU?!  What makes US different and/or unique?!  Why do you keep coming back for more?!


But wait…not ONLY do you have the chance to tell ME all of these wonderful things but you have the opportunity to share it with all of the LDW Community!  Because I am going to pick ONE thoughtful submission and share it right here with all of you!  🙂  The only requirements are that you speak honestly and from the heart and that your submission be a minimum of 100 words.


And in the spirit of truly celebrating AND of course your Goddess being the perfect tease…I JUST might sweeten the pot!  However, this sweetening may depend on All of you and just how inspiring you can be!!  🙂