And now we’re on the letter “O”.


So here are my thoughts… ORAL, ORIFICE, and OPEN UP!! 🙂  Mmmmmm they all sound so deliciously naughty and wonderful, don’t you think?!?

So, have you ever wondered what I might say to you if you were MY submissive, MY bitch, MY slut???  What lovely things I might be whispering in YOUR ear?!?  Well, now you don’t need to wonder…just read on!!!


Relax and open up that tight lil pussy hole for me!


Open up that mouth of yours, slut..I want you to suck my big beautiful cock!


Now you are going to lick my pussy…for as loooong as I want!!


OMG…how did you become such a lil cock-whore?!?


You want that horny lil hole filled, don’t you?!?


Mmmmmm yes slut that’s right…I am going to open you up today…open up that tight lil pussy of yours!!!


You are such an eager lil bitch…all you want to do is suck, and suck, and suck…LOL!


That’s right sweetie…show me those oral skills of yours…make me proud!!


If you are a good boy for me I just might get you the real thing!  I know you want that badly, don’t you, slut?!?