In the season of gratitude and giving I felt an overwhelming desire to read words, thoughts, verses, poems etc on this topic. Along the way I found some poetry about superhero powers.  I am not someone who is often really into science fiction or even fiction for that matter…but I was truly inspired by the message and it really made me think! 🙂


So my mind started wandering on the topic…what if I had superhero powers?!?  What would I want to use them for?!?  Well…of course for good…as you know me. 🙂


So here is what I would do! I would be sure that nobody went hungry….that everyone had at least enough if not plenty.  I would make certain that everyone worked together to help take care of each other and our amazing planet. That all people could live the life they were meant to live…to be and to share their true authentic self.  And last but not least…NO MORE WAR!!  Any and all disputes would need to be resolved by other means!


So while it’s all good and well to consider what our super powers could do…if we all brought our natural powers together we could end war and hunger…abuse and hate.  While super powers are great to contemplate…our natural powers coming together in unison would be awesome and formidable! As individuals our powers may seem limited, but unified for a common good our powers rival any superhero! All of our individual contributions matter! United for the common good…we are ALL superheroes.



Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO