Timmy’s story continues.


Mary came back that afternoon after a short shopping trip holding a small brown bag. She dumped out the contents onto her coffee table and giggled. “Aren’t they nice?!”


A simple pair of beige nylon or silk panties. Simple except for an embroidered rose, also in beige, to one side of the front.


She picked them up and told me to feel them. I was speechless! My entire life I had been totally taken by “girlie things.” But it was always in the privacy of my own mind.  Now it was like she was looking right into me…completely seeing my fascination for girlie things!


I know another guy would have laughed or made a joke or something…ANYTHING! But not me. I froze. I tried to smile but it was very, very weak. She seemed so light. Amused a little. It was all so easy for her and so hard for me. To Mary it was like a game. To me it was like the most serious moment of my life. I had never felt so stuck, so frozen. There was nothing I could do. She was completely in charge. 


It was then it happened. I could not believe what she said, but her words were clear. “I want you to try those on for me.” 


I could not speak or move at all. I wish that I could have laughed or said no way but I could not move. Again I was frozen.


It was a visceral brain response. It was like I had to do it simply because she wanted me to. Nothing else mattered. What I wanted, needed or thought didn’t matter. What Mary wanted is all the mattered. 


What made things worse was that I consciously knew she was humiliating me. Making fun of me. Delighting in my embarrassment. I knew that was Mary’s intent. I was a plaything to her. 


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO