Yes that’s right, I am back home again!  We got back today from our wonderful, fabulous, fun, and relaxing vacation! But I have to say that it was a bit sad as we packed up all of our stuff…our clothes, our food, our water, our beer, our wine, and all of the festive, fun, and crafty things that we made and acquired along the way!


It was a cute little cabin in the woods that was all ours for the week…a perfect getaway, less than two hours from home.   And although so close… it seemed like hundreds of miles away.  An escape from our “real lives” for just a little while.


I think that we all need this, at least every once in a while! 🙂


And while I was away I specifically asked that you schedule an appointment with me.  Only a few of you decided to seize this opportunity, and that’s OK.  But now I am home and reminding you JUST how much I love making appointments!  It affords you the opportunity to have me all to yourself, at a time that works for you, completely uninterrupted!


And for those of you who don’t already know this about me, I am a big fat planner!  So, if you want to make me really happy…if you truly want to please your Goddess…let’s make a plan!!  🙂