Lots of footsteps coming quickly up the walkway…lots of happy children coming in two’s, three’s, four’s and more!!   “Trick or treat” they say… although some just stand there outside of my front door and stare at me as if this custom is a bit new… I sweetly prompt…”Do I get a trick or treat?”  “Trick or treat” they say and smile as they look down at my bright orange bowl filled with lots of treats.  “You can take two I tell them.”


Happy Halloween I say…Have fun!!!

Happy Halloween I say…Who are you???

Happy Halloween I say…Are you having fun???

Happy Halloween I say…Oh my gosh you’re scary!!!

Happy Halloween I say…You are so pretty!!!

Happy Halloween I say…That is a great costume!!!


“What if on Halloween, instead of dressing up as things that are completely different from our usual self, we dressed up as who we really are?” she asks nobody in particular.”

“What if the girl who always hurts other people to build herself up dressed up as a witch, and people could see her true colors? What if the quiet girl who puts everyone above herself dressed up as a princess, and finally got her prince?”

“Halloween can be about pretending to be something that you’re not. But it can also be about showing people who you want to be.”



Happy Halloween…Have Fun!!!!!!!