So…now you can find out just what exactly I said Yes to!!! I really do enjoy saying YES…especially when I know that someone truly wants to please Me! I know that sissy cum slut melody is definitely someone that wants to please her Goddess! 🙂


I also love knowing that you’ve been enjoying hearing about melody’s training. Especially since you’ve been able to read about her experiences, her thoughts, and her feelings, directly from her!! It’s always powerful IMO when we hear and learn directly from the source! So please do not hesitate to share your thoughts and feelings about her journey. I know that I would love to know, and I am absolutely certain that she would, too! Perhaps it’s somewhat similar to yours?!? 🙂


So without further ado…take it away, melody… 🙂


After completing four months of gay porn training, Goddess Mandy decided to extend it another two months but also asked if i had thoughts on possible changes.  i suggested allowing me to see women again, but in doing so, i would have to ruin my orgasm.  Goddess was intrigued and said She needed to think about it for a few days after our call.  A couple of days later, i had an email with Her answer!  Any women in the video means a ruined orgasm.  This also includes trans women as well.  If i want a full orgasm, i have to stick to gay porn only.  Very clear and straightforward.  Well, not quite so straight…


After receiving the new training instructions, i ended up sticking with the gay porn for a while.  This surprised me a bit, but i suspect Goddess knew my clitty would lead me to wanting a full orgasm.  It was also easy because it was familiar and the training has helped broaden my tastes in different types of men and scenes.


Eventually one day, i sat down to watch straight porn.  Immediately, i ran into some odd feelings and contradictory thoughts.  i struggled for a while to find videos that felt engaging, something that was new.  i pressed on and eventually found something to get me over the edge with a ruined orgasm.  While still horny, i had some limited relief but was also glad the confusing situation was over.


The next few times, i went back to gay porn.  Yet in the back of my mind, i still wanted to see women, even though i knew what happened the last time.  One day, i decided to try again.  This time, i found myself watching lesbian BDSM porn.  The dominance and submission themes helped me be more engaged.  Again, i ruined my orgasm, had the limited relief, and went about my day.  And since then, i’ve only watched gay porn.


This whole experience has been a bit of a mindfuck, which is both exciting and a little scary.  i’ve always known i was bisexual but always thought of myself as more hetero than homosexual.  Is that changing because of training?  Is it changing because these things can change for people throughout their life?  Or is this all just fantasy?  No matter what it is, i’m having fun!  And it has led to some of the deepest and most fulfilling conversations with my Goddess Mandy!


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO