An interesting and exciting update from My sissy cumslut, melody! My thoughts and feelings are interspersed in blue… 🙂


At the 90 day mark, Goddess Mandy asked me to write another update post for Her blog, for everyone’s enjoyment. And in My mind to also keep up with YOU, melody and your assignment. And how it might be changing you in various lovely ways. 🙂 It was nice to see the lovely comments on the previous post from other LDW Mistresses and clients.


Shortly after the last post, Goddess Mandy wonderfully decided to follow through with Her idea of extending my training to 120 days.  I was and am VERY excited about this extension for you, melody! 🙂 After completing three months out of (now) four, Goddess Mandy and i had a chance to connect on a call to talk more about the training, goals, and anything new i’ve noticed during the last 30 days.


Over the years, i have had more than a passing interest in men, from touch and kissing to sucking and fucking.  Goddess Mandy said She wanted to further focus my attention on Her, because of course everything i do is for Her, and to really focus me on men.  This will allow my brain to explore more of my thoughts, feelings, and desires about men, about being with a man, about being a sissy with a man, and about being used by men.


During the last 30 days, everything i wrote in the last update is still true.  However, one new change has occurred which feels significant given Goddess Mandy’s purpose for my training.  At night when lying in bed, i occasionally like to run through different fantasies.  Recently, i have noticed it is much harder to see women in my mind and end up fantasizing more about men.  my attention to men’s appearances in person also continues to heighten. I am VERY excited about these changes for you, but more than that I am simply grateful that you have the opportunity to more fully explore your wants, needs, and desires! And yes, in this case, specifically when it comes to men! 🙂


Approximately 30 days from now i will write another update for Goddess Mandy to post.  Again, thank you to everyone who has posted comments. I am also very much appreciating all of the comments and hope that they will continue to flow in as melody continues her assignment, and really her journey and exploration of men! 🙂


And thank You, Goddess, for all You do for me!

sissy cum slut melody


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO