CROSS-DRESSING!  So,  we’ve talked a lil bit about cuckolding…mmmmmm and I so do love that 😉   But now it’s time to talk a bit about cross-dressing…oooooh yes!   But actually, when you think about it, cross-dressing fits just so well with being a cuck…right?!   Yes…so let’s focus our pretty energy right here!

And I must admit that I am not certain if one can be a proper lil cuckold unless he is decked out in an ohhh so pretty way?!?   Or, perhaps we’ll simply throw pretty out the window and just focus on complete “lil slut” instead,  LOL!

Although, I guess that really depends on Her, right!!   If She wants to see you completely and utterly emasculated by wearing such pretty girlie things than this is how it shall be!

BUT, if we are really going to be honest…it clearly is ALL about Him!   All about Paul, your wife’s lover and what He wants to see, isn’t it?!!   So if He wants to see you in frilly lil pink panties then pantied, pink, and frilly you shall be!

Or, perhaps being pantied is JUST the beginning…maybe to please Him you will need to wear those pretty panties with a matching pink and white bra, virgin white stockings, and a sexy fuchsia garter belt.   Mmmmmm yes how lovely you will be!   Ohhhhh and you can’t forget those 5 1/2″ black patent leather fuck me heels.

And while of course He loves seeing your wife in her sexiest of lingerie, he can have that anytime. 😉   Now He wants to see you…emasculated, sissified, and oh so pretty for Him!!!

And as you put on your cherry red lipstick and look in the mirror for the last time tonight,  you know it’s completely undeniable.  Paul will be the ONLY man in your bedroom tonight!!