Goddess compliments how sexy i look in the green bra and panty set as She strokes the velour. She walks slowly around me. i feel Her gaze inspecting my entire body to see how it looks in person, rather than on cam. With each footfall of Her stilettos i can feel my submission to Her needs, wants, and desires moving to the forefront of my being. i can only hope She is getting into Her Domme space as quickly as i am into subspace.


After an eternity, i can see Her shoes centered before me. i want to bow and kiss them, but decide to wait for fear of appearing insolent. She gently reaches down and lifts my chin so i can gaze into those beautiful blue eyes.


Several years ago, Goddess virtually gifted me with the title of Her collared one. This evening She holds a thick rich leather collar with two small emeralds on either side of the front leash point. Upon showing it to me and getting my emotions churning She says, “Tonight will determine if you are worthy of continuing to wear my collar when you leave. Are you up to the challenge?!?”


The only possible response could be “YES Goddess!


She tells me to follow Her as She gradually opens the door. The large four poster bed is to the left. Goddess leads that direction and when we approach, She tells me to sit up. As my eyes rise above the bed, i see familiar shapes laid out on the comforter. She asks if i remember these.  “Of course Goddess, those are gifts i crafted for You very early in our relationship.” Her response was, “Now i am going to enjoy all three.”


With that, She directs me to remove my lingerie and stand in the doorway facing the hall. Hands on top corners of door jambs, feet spread at the bottom, is Her next command. i quickly do as i am told. As i turn, i see Her picking up the larger of the two green floggers i made.


Without warning, i hear the swoosh of flairs as they make contact. Not so hard, at first. Feeling the actual flogger i made being wielded by the one it was created for was intense on so many levels. She told me to count the blows. The intensity increased as did the heat in my back, ass, and upper thighs. Finally at (you guessed it) 49, Goddess stopped and allowed me to process the sensations and feel Her authority over me.


Goddess knows that pain in and of itself is not a sexual turn on for me. Yet She also knows how it serves to get the energy swirling as i become fully immersed in the moment, fully immersed in subspace. Besides, if taking a little pain will enable my Goddess to soar higher than ever in Her Domme space, that is most assuredly my goal for this trip.


After about a minute, She tells me to turn around and assume the same position. This is the first time that i gaze on my Goddess in Her natural beauty. No need to be uncomfortable in leather and latex when naked works just fine. And yes, this first glimpse exceeds all anticipations of Her beauty…radiant smile, trim waist with nice flare between those pert to the sky breasts and muscular hips. Her shapely legs complete what i always thought beauty should look like.


Seven sets of seven were repeated again on the front with the small rope flogger. It was so fascinating to see the intensity in Goddess’ eye as She twirled the flogger to strike my breast, belly and upper thighs. These smaller diameter flails were a lot more stingy than the thuds on my back.


Thankfully, She mostly managed to miss my scrotum as i began to float in an energy cocoon of light in subspace. Feeling so grateful for each and every whisk of Her flogger, bringing more and more of Her powerful and beautiful essence into my space.



Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO


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