“Not a problem,” Goddess Mandy said. “Dan, I believe you owe me another $200.”


“I don’t owe you anything, Mandy,” Dan said angrily.


Goddess Mandy simply smiled and asked to talk to Dan in the living room away from everyone else. Before i knew it, i could see his demeanor changing and him even begging Goddess Mandy not to do something, after which, Dan handed Goddess Mandy more cash. Goddess Mandy walked over to Mark and paid the full $1,000 while Dan stared at the floor. I proceeded to load our bags into the car, and Goddess Mandy started to drive us home.


“Goddess, may i ask what happened with Dan?”


Laughing, Goddess Mandy said, “Oh, it was quite simple. I told Dan I already knew about his fucking of you last night and how he owed me $200 for it. I have it all on video, along with the rest of the weekend’s events in the living room. When Dan said he wouldn’t pay, I said I would show all of the men the video to prove how he was cheating Me, and then I would show everyone how My sissy melody’s clitty, when unlocked, is actually bigger than Dan’s cock. Dan quickly changed his tune then, and I offered to forget about everything for the small sum of $300. He readily agreed to my terms. So, thanks to you, melody, I actually came out with an extra $100 ($200 total extra for the weekend)!”


Goddess Mandy’s happiness made me very happy and proud of my work for the weekend. However, Her comment about video evidence made me wonder what She really had. “Goddess, may i ask about the video from this weekend?”


Smiling, Goddess Mandy said, “Not right now, my sissy faggot. We’ll talk about it more when we get back to my apartment. Which reminds me, since we both have Monday off, i need You to stay at My place tonight.”


“Yes, Goddess. i am happy to serve You at Your home tonight.”


After another long night time drive, we eventually arrived back at Goddess Mandy’s house. i unloaded our bags, unpacked my Goddess’ things, sorting clean and dirty, and started laundry for Her. Once i was done, She summoned me to Her bedroom.


“My little sissy faggot, i am very proud of your work this weekend. Over the weekend, you not only became a faggot but the sissy faggot whore you were meant to be. And in it, you earned your Goddess an extra $200! I am so pleased with your efforts this weekend that I am going to unlock your clitty, tease you, and give you the opportunity to cum! All depending on how I judge your responses and answers to some questions during your teasing, though.”


Barely able to contain my excitement, i said, “Thank you, Goddess! Please tell me how i can serve You and earn an orgasm!”


Goddess Mandy unhooked the necklace with a key She wears at all times and unlocked my clitty’s cage. She proceeded to remove the cage and the ring, and with some gentle stroking, my clitty started to awaken.


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO


PS. March is my 8-Year Anniversary with LDW!!!!